Become a Stallholder

The market is open to the general public who want to experience a family-friendly environment where good produce, handcrafted products, fresh food and items of interest are at your fingertips.

Anyone that grows, value adds, produces, makes and has products that fit within the market criteria.

The market will look at the quality of your product, how unique it is plus the appearance and standard of your stall.

The aim is for stallholders to provide a diverse array of products and at times there may be too many of one product for your application to be accepted. This doesn’t mean that your product is not suitable and we would encourage you to keep in touch as vacancies can become available.

Yes. Rotary does not insure stallholders and as a result, each stall holder will require their own stall holder public liability insurance for the amount of $10 million.

Not all stallholders can park next to their stall as there is a limited number of sites available onsite. An example use of sites reserved for stall holder vehicles includes food vendors and merchants with produce that require direct access to refrigeration.

Off-site reserved parking that is in close proximity to the market is available for all other stallholders.

There are a limited number of electricity points across the market at this stage however market management is in negotiation with the Council to increase the number of power outlets.

Market Rates – $50 a site for each market.


  • Stall holders will be sent and invoice by the Club Treasurer on  being accepted to participate in the market and tat invoice is to be paid prior to attending the market. 
  • Stall holder enrolments may role over into different sessions with the the charge out rate for each month as indicated applying.
  • Any adjustment on fees that may need to be conducted will be done on an individual basis, and at a time when the stall holder is to sign up for a future market.
  • There will be no refund of fees paid if stall holders do not attend a scheduled market or wish to discontinue being involved with the market.
  • Stall holders fees that have been paid will not be lost if market management is notified 48 hours in advance of market day that a stall holder cannot attend due to sickness; have scheduled holidays, or for any personal reason that may arise. Fees will then be carried over as payment for a future market.
  • Stall holder fees may change at the discretion of the Market Steering Committee.

Please check the Stallholder Policy and Procedures page for more information.

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