Policy and Procedures

Part Time Stallholders

The term ‘Part Time’ is defined as a Stallholder that does not have a permanent allocated site at each Market.

To be considered for a part time site a stallholder must:

  • be prepared to commit attend 3 consecutive markets as to be eligible to apply for full time status.
  • meet all other eligibility criteria governing the allocation of market stalls.
  • fill out and submit the Part Time Site Request Form or the Stallholder Application online here.

Date: 4th Saturday of each month
Time: 8:am to 1:30pm
Location: 359B Point Nepean Rd, Dromana VIC 3936
(Recreational Reserve behind the Mornington Peninsula Information Centre)

The Dromana Community Market (DCM) is managed by the Rotary Club of Dromana in agreement with the Mornington Peninsula Shire, and in accordance with other legislation, rules and regulations relating to the operation of community markets.

Full Time Stallholders

The term ‘Full Time’ is defined as a stallholder that has a permanent allocated site at each Market.

To be considered for a full time site a stallholder must:

  • have attended 3 consecutive markets as a casual
  • meet all other eligibility criteria governing the allocation of market stalls
  • fill out and submit the Full Time Site Request Form.


All applications for full time stallholders will be placed on a waiting list and there are no guarantees as to when full time stallholder applications will be filled.

Market Management reserves the right to use its discretion in managing the waiting list and allocating full time stallholder sites as and when they become available.

Market Contact Details

Chris Booth

Market Operating Times

Stallholder Times

  • Arrival time: 6:30am (positions cannot be guaranteed after 7:30am)
  • Set up time: 6:45am – 7:45am
  • Market Hours: 8:00am – 1:30pm
  • Pack Up time: 1:30pm – 2:30pm (Stallholders to be vacated by 2:30pm)

Fees and Sites

Stallholders that have been offered “part time” status can commit to attend 3 consecutive markets.

Part Time Stallholder Fees

Notes: A part time stallholder can book a maximum of 2 stall sites per market.

Full Time Stallholder Fees

The Market Steering Committee is to review the charge out rate for stall sites on an annual basis and will inform stallholders of any possible change prior to being instated.


  • Bookings of stalls can be reserved for a maximum of three (3) markets. A stallholder can apply to become a Full Time stallholder following the completing attendance at three Markets.
  • All stallholders will be allocated a BOOKING NUMBER that will be checked by the market management on your arrival at the market.
  • Stallholders must have their own product liability insurance of $10 (ten) million minimum and must be presented at time of booking.
  • DOGS must be on a lead.

Community Stalls

Local Not-for-Profit groups may apply for a discounted site at the market.
Not-for Profit stallholders must abide by the same policy and procedures as part time stallholders.

Please contact us for assistance.

Type of Stalls

Food Products

  • All food products, including Baking, Take-Away, Juices, Honey etc. must have a permit from the Health Department, Mornington Shire Council, or a registration on the Streatrader website.
  • Take-away – must provide a product range, stall set up plan and relevant food experience with the stall application form in preparation for assessment by market management.

Potions, Soaps, Cosmetic, Beauty Products, & Oils etc.

Stallholders must have their own product liability insurance of $10 (ten) million minimum and must be presented at time of booking.

Second Hand Goods

Second hand/variety stalls may be included in the market however, electrical items and second hand toys are not permitted to be sold due to insurance issues.

Amusement Rides

Not permitted.

1. Stallholder Regulations and Conditions

  • Given that the market is an outdoor all-weather market, all stallholders are expected to bring along suitable weather protection structures so that they can trade each week.
  • In no circumstances can produce purchased from wholesalers, retailers or middle persons be resold at the market except as an approved agent for a primary producer.
  • Produce from a location not listed and approved on the stallholder application is not eligible to be sold.
  • The resale of unapproved items purchased by the stallholder is not permitted.
  • It is the responsibility of the stallholder to advise the market management of any products that do not conform to the above conditions and the market management will advise if they are acceptable.
  • Stallholders must display signs with the trading name of the stallholder plus and an accurate description and cost of the produce when possible.
  • If a product is claimed to meet a specific food standard e.g., Extra Virgin Olive Oil certification must be provided to market management on application to be a stallholder that it has been tested as such.
  • Stallholders need to have clear evidence that substantiates all such product claims, and any breach of this rule constitutes grounds for dismissal from the market.

Note: Stallholders are to abide by the content in Sections A&B of this document.
Market staff are on site throughout the market and will inspect all structures. If a structure is deemed unsafe for any reason the market manager has the discretion to insist that the deficiencies be corrected immediately, or the stall to be dismantled.

Stallholder Parking
DCM has a non-exclusive license with the Dromana Catholic Church to use its car park for stallholder
parking, and while its highly unlikely, parking may not be available on all occasions.

2. Invoicing and Payment

  • Fees by default will be invoiced on a MONTHLY BASIS.
  • Invoices will be issued on the first day of the month.
  • Payment is required by the 15th of the month prior (i.e.: 15th May for the June markets) e.g., Market Month Invoice Issued Date

3. Invoice Payment Methods
There are two ways to pay your fees to the Dromana Community Market.

  1. Direct Transfer
    BSB: 630-000
    Account Number: 140896705
    Account Name: Rotary Club of Dromana Project Account
    You MUST include your name and invoice number as a reference when paying.
  2. Credit Card Payments
    Late stallholder payments can be at the Market Operations Centre on arrival. However, stallholders paying by Credit Card on the day will not be guaranteed that a site is available, and the stallholder will have to take what site is available on the day.

Note: Personal payments are NOT accepted by the Rotary Club of Dromana.

4. Refunds and Credits

  • Part time stallholders will receive a credit on their next month’s account ONLY if the market is closed by market management due to bad weather (see Section A – Cancellation of the market due to weather below).
  • In all other instances there will be NO REFUND or credit of fees permitted.

5. Absenteeism
Market management may consider a “One Time” application for absence due to sickness, or
bereavement if the market manager is advised as early as practicable. Notification should be communicated to the market manager via SMS or mobile phone at 0408 880 816.
Note: there are no refunds or credits for other absences.

6. Attendance Policy
To preserve the overall look of the market and avoid gaps and vacant space, part time stallholders are expected to attend the market as scheduled, unless the stallholder is absent due to sickness or bereavement as notified.

Market management reserves the right to cancel a stallholder’s participation in the market if it is deemed that the stallholder is not maintaining the standards as identified in the stallholder conditions, policy and procedures.

7. Insurance
All Stallholders must hold current Public and Product Liability Insurance and Comprehensive Motor Vehicle Insurance.

  • Public and Product Liability Insurance
    All Stallholders must have the following insurance:

    1. Public Liability of at least $10,000,000
    2. Product Liability of $10,000,000
    3. All insurances must list Rotary Club of Dromana Community Market as a ‘Co Insured’
    4. A ‘certified’ copy of the policies must be lodged with DCM.
  • Comprehensive Motor Vehicle Insurance
    All Stallholders must have Comprehensive Motor Vehicle insurance including:

    1. Third Party Property Damage Insurance for an amount of not less than $10,000,000; and
    2. Third Party Bodily Injury insurance.

8. Quality Control

  • Market management has sole responsibility for quality control over goods on sale. The sale of commercially made products (other than approved secondhand goods) is not accepted and
    stallholders must be the creator, producer or have implemented ‘significant added value’ to the product on sale.
  • Stallholders are not permitted to sell goods other than those approved by the market management.
  • Market management has the ability to periodically attach additional activities and events to the market that is outside the market philosophy that will offer a broader range of stallholder activities on selected market days.

9. Sites

  1. Allocation of sites is at the sole discretion of the market management.
  2. At times it may be necessary to re-organise the layout of the market to maximise the effectiveness of the market. Part time stallholders will be notified as early as possible of re-organisations.

Note: Part Time stallholders may be allocated different sites from market to market.

10. Stallholders Equipment

  1. Stallholders must provide their own trestles, tables, shelters, gas bottles, and other equipment they need to operate efficiently.
  2. No equipment is available for hire from the organisers.

11. Loading and Unloading

  1. After goods are unloaded, stallholders are to move their vehicle to the designated parking space by 7:45am.
  2. Any stallholder or helper found parking a vehicle other than in the designated area may be removed from the market and any fees paid in advance will be forfeited.

12. Rubbish

  1. Stallholders are to immediately notify the market management if their site has rubbish on it on
  2. Following the day’s trading stallholders must remove all rubbish from, or adjacent to their sites.
  3. Stallholders are requested to encourage the public to place their rubbish in the large bins that are placed around the market.

13. Safety of Property
Stallholders must:

  • Not damage lawns, plants and garden beds, destroy or remove plants
  • not spill or pour hot water on the lawns
  • not stack goods on garden beds or on walkways, or stand on garden beds
  • securely anchor umbrellas and shelters by the use of weights to provide stability in strong winds
  • ensure that power cabling has a current and authorised tested tag attached. Cables must not cross walkways or driveways for the reason of public safety
  • locate personal generators in a position that does not compromise public safety, and reduces the noise impact on market attendees and local residents

14. Food Safety
Any stallholder selling food at the market must register online with “Streatrader” – a statewide, single registration & notification process developed by the Department of Health and the Municipal Association of Victoria; and lodge a Statement of Trade with the market management.

15. Sub-letting
Stallholders are under no circumstance to sub-let their site, and the site cannot be shared with another stallholder.

16. Traffic Management
Stallholders driving into the market site must observe normal driving rules and regulations while taking every possible precaution to ensure that public safety is maintained to its highest standard. Parking directions given by market staff must be adhered to at all times.

17. Disputes/Complaints
All complaints (consumer or stallholder) must be raised with the market manager for discussion and resolution in the first instance.

If a resolution cannot be achieved on the day, the stallholder or consumer must contact the market manager in writing as soon as possible who will then raise the complaint at the next Market Steering Committee meeting.

Market Coordinator
Dromana Community Market Inc.
PO Box 208 Dromana, VIC 3936
Email: chrisbooth@bigpond.com

The market manager will try to resolve the issue, and if necessary, may refer it to the DCM Steering Committee, following the Grievance Procedure.


Cancellation of the market due to weather
The market may be cancelled at the discretion of the market manager if it is considered that the weather may create a safety risk on the market site. This will include, but is not limited to rain, wind and extreme heat. Trading will cease immediately and if trading has not commenced for that day stallholders will not be permitted to set up.

Failure to comply with directions from market staff regarding the closure will result in a ban on attending future markets.

Stallholders will not be refunded. The stallholder payment will be held for a future market which must be used within three months of the market cancellation or will be forfeited.


Specific rules relating to primary products
All primary products such as fruit, vegetables, plants, meats, poultry, mushrooms, berries, nuts, etc. must be grown, reared, caught by the producer or on the producer’s land.

Specific rules for secondary products
Anyone processing produce, or adding value is a secondary producer and produce such as cheeses, breads, table olives, wines, sauces etc. must be processed, brewed, pickled, baked, smoked by the stallholder on the stallholder’s own property.

Food products such as sausages, breads, cakes, etc. while preferably using the stallholder’s own ingredients must be wholly processed from products within the producer’s own premises.


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